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KORE Therapy is leading the world in recovery through its integrative medicine techniques. It is a ground breaking assessment and treatment system which intergrates the best of both Western and Eastern assessments and treatment skills.

Whether you are dealing pain, chronic illness, injuries or improving overall health or sporting performance all systems of the body need to be evaluated as they all influence each other. This includes nerves, muscles, blood, fascia, digestion and more.

By using unique muscle tests we can ascertain where the problem is coming from, so unlike most other therapies, instead of looking at 'WHAT' the problem is we look at 'WHY' the problem is there.

For example:

  • Knee pain could caused by a pelvic imbalance 
  • Lower back pain caused by neck restriction 
  • Hamstring problems stemming from the cranial bones
  • Skin issues coming from the digestive system
  • Anxiety caused by spinal resrtiction 

Without discovery and treatment of the root causes, symptoms are only ever going to be masked and will keep returning.

Techniques used by KORE practitioners include: Muscle testing, Mobilisations, Tuina, Acupressure, Cupping, Qi Gung, Cranial balancing, Deep organ massage, NLP and others.

Our award winning courses enable you to learn these vital skills to be able to get amazing results with your clients fast! Whether you are already a Therapist wanting to expand your skills or if you are just starting an exciting journey into the world of complementary medicine then we have the courses you need.

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